This section describes some of the common issues that can arise when using the mezzanine card.



The red “FMC PWR GOOD” LED is not lighting up when I power up my carrier board.


If your FPGA Drive FMC Gen4 has a serial number in the range of 630000 to 630209, you will need to update it’s EEPROM contents by using the latest Opsero FMC EEPROM Tool.


Voltage translation on the FPGA Drive FMC Gen4 allows it to be used with any VADJ voltage between 1.2V and 3.3VDC. However, the first units produced were programmed to specifically request a VADJ voltage of 1.8VDC from the carrier board. Some newer development boards such as Versal development boards (VCK190, VMK180) cannot produce a VADJ voltage of 1.8VDC. To fix this problem, we updated the EEPROM binary to accept the entire range of VADJ voltage levels with which the mezzanine card can be used (ie. 1.2VDC, 1.5VDC, 1.8VDC, 2.5VDC or 3.3VDC). This update has been implemented in our production process and is applied to all boards with serial numbers greater than 630210. For all boards with earlier serial numbers, the user can apply the EEPROM update using the Opsero FMC EEPROM Tool.

If you cannot use the EEPROM tool, an alternative solution to this problem is to connect with your development board’s system controller (typically over USB-UART) and manually set the VADJ voltage to a fixed value of 1.2VDC or 1.5VDC.