Getting Started

Minimum setup

To start developing with the FPGA Drive FMC Gen4, we recommend that you get setup with the minimum hardware and software requirements:

  1. An FPGA or MPSoC development board from our list of supported boards.
  2. One FPGA Drive FMC Gen4.
  3. At least one M.2 NVMe SSD (see our list of tested SSDs).
  4. Build and run one of our example designs.

Hardware setup

For instructions on attaching the SSDs and connecting the FPGA Drive FMC Gen4 into the carrier board, we have put together the following video:

Fastening the mezzanine

FMC mezzanine cards are not hot-pluggable; to prevent the mezzanine card from detaching from the carrier while active, we recommend using machine screws to fix the mezzanine card to the carrier board. The screws should be screwed into the mezzanine’s hex standoffs from the underside of the carrier board. The details on suitable screws can be found in the mechanical information section.

Software setup

In order to build our example designs, you will need to setup your PC with the AMD Xilinx development tools:

The Vivado and Vitis tools support most operating systems, whereas the PetaLinux tools can only be installed under Linux.

For the specific versions required, please refer to the release notes in the Git repository of the particular example design you wish to build.